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Horse Racing Manager 2018 is a top-class management experience that puts the player behind their own racing stable. The game is a new simulation game available for Android and iOS devices. As a Horse Racing Manager, you take charge of horse breeding, training and racing the horses.

Compete in the local derby, stakes, circuits, and cups or test your expertise by creating and managing your ultimate horse racing team against other players across the globe. Become the ultimate HRMtv champion and take the top prize competing against other players.

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The Horse Racing Manager (HRM) Wikia is a collaborative encyclopaedia for everything related to HRM, that players can contribute to. The HRM Portal was created in November 2018.

The HRM Portal is the official players source for all your HRM community knowledge. The HRM Portal will provide, guides, advice and FAQs to assist new and experienced players. This Portal will house players subject matter expertise, and provide links to any additional resources. We'll be adding new guides and advice frequently, so check back often.

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